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Why I Love my IT job - Against the common Perception #dailyworkmotivation

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

When you are inspired in your work, everything falls in place.

We all talk about our fancy travel plans, and the amazing destinations we explore and discover. Most of us love travel and the accompanying pleasure of seeing new places, meeting new people, is an important part for our health and happiness.

But this post is not about any fancy travel destination, it’s about my workplace.

Why I am grateful to IT for my travels

Yes, I work in IT and though most of the lot, consider it a boring 9-5 desk work, I am grateful I have this job, because it pays for my passion of travel. It pays for my lively and happening life. I can travel to all these great locations and experience the beauty, because in the back of my mind I am secured, I have a job and I can always earn and spend on travel.

Myths about IT workers.

I am tired of the judgement the world has about IT, specially the entertainment one, most of the movie, series, youtube episodes are filled up with a pre-conceived notion of IT and the people involved.

This I am writing to publicly reject all such rumors and wrong notions, I have been in IT, did the typical engineering, did start with a typical IT job and, though everyone at some point have advised me to do some creative stuff and not waste time in IT.

I have heard this many times and, I have rejected this many times. I absolutely enjoy being in IT. Writing a code is nothing less creative, and also being in IT doesn't mean your creativity is closed. Most of the corporate promote their employees to participate in artistic, challenging, creative acts and there are special committees for that. We get chance to do everything if we want to, specially if you are relieved about earnings you can focus on other stuff like traveling, music, sports and theater.

I enjoy hanging out with friends, doing adventure sports, playing games, pulling legs, our non stop chatting session over tea breaks , when everyone wants to talk and no one is listening. specially trip with friends is no less than a celebration.

Managing Travel while working 9-5 job

Yes, I work in IT and though most of the lot, consider it a boring 9-5 desk work.

It’s all about the mindset, it’s very hard to talk about travel, shopping and dining, even economical ones, when you are jobless or have limited earnings. While travel is great motivation for most of us, it’s also a luxury, as travel no matter to where, has expense associated to it.

I am happy for the people who are able to earn through their passion, they are really blessed. But if each of us would, just be traveling, shooting and blogging, world won’t progress and through our mundane routine job, we IT ppl contribute a lot to the technological advancement and ease that, everyone access their accounts, be it social media, bank accounts, travel planning, telephone network, advance cameras, modern navigation tools, even searching for a great locations through google or starting a travel blog couldn't be possible without IT.

There are some myths associated about IT jobs, like it’s the work of ordinary, IT ppl are not creative lot, or they have a tedious life. No that’s not true, there are so many ppl I have encountered who are following their passion and are more creative than a paid professional doing the same job. But they are still in IT, not because they are bound but they know, the pay they get, the opportunities they get, won’t be easily found by following their passion.

“Life will always get busy, make time to do the things you love.”

It’s all about seeking the right balance, and it must be within you, if you want something truly you will do effort and not make excuses. The key is not to be involved too much, at either side. People always ask me, how do I get so many holidays? When do I travel? well many times, I sacrifice sick leaves, being lazy leaves and just lying on the weekends.

I have always sacrificed just resting or sleeping late on weekends as I chose travel over it.

I accumulate my leaves, by combining weekends with few more compensation leaves, that I get, by working late nights or weekends when required. Such opportunities of working and supporting late, when required gives me boost, because I can always bargain them for my holidays. However, this doesn’t mean that it should be a regular practice, as you need to balance your daily life too.

“Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.” - Betsy Jacobson

You should always know where to stop, whether its traveling or work.

I am not workaholic, Work is part of my life not life, if I am home, I don't think about work or stress about what I have to do next morning in office. You have to set boundaries otherwise, even if you are on a great trip and something at work is bothering you, it won't be as enjoyable. The balance is to be sought by you.

You can work and travel, if you plan wisely and lead a balance life. You may sacrifice few things you like, to do things you love. Its about making efforts to do what you love and not make excuses of why you are not able to do. Its like project management - goal setting, prioritizing, planning, executing and gaining experience through lessons learnt.

Work location = Work motivation:

While I am not a fan of following a routine and be time slaved, but numerous times I have enjoyed going to work, because of the great location of my office buildings and amazing surroundings of my work place. While we always travel and come back to home, it’s great to be able to see beautiful views, for daily work, it gives you motivation and adds a little charm in the routine specially, if your office is situated on location which offers breathtaking views.

Here I am listing some of the best locations I have felt privileged to be working at, I am sure many of you would have felt the same, I would love to see, if you have also shared such experience.

Feel free to post the photo of your work location with some brief about the location, in comments, so that we all, can share some joy we get through our work.

1. AMP office at Circular Quay

My favorite work location till date has been AMP office at Circular Quay, I worked there for 13 months and I have enjoyed several walks and lunch strolls around Oprah house, Botanical Garden and Rocks. I was able to witness so many world class events and fests just working there being at that place. Many street entertainers, musicians and artists are just found along the walk around this place and cheer your day just with their creativity. I was blessed to witness the daily changes in spectacular view, due to weather, events, etc.

2. Infosys Pune Hinjewadi Phase II

Pune, one of my happy places in India, I really miss it even after spending almost 2 years in Australia. I worked for Infosys, Pune as Project manager for an year and the best part was the location and facilities provided by this organisation. I have heard from Infocians about other great campuses Infosys owns, but I didn't get a chance to be at other locations. Nonetheless I enjoyed Pune office thoroughly.

It was situated in a valley kind of position, with some hills around. The one in front of us we called it Mt Hinjewadi. I have trekked it with my colleagues a few times on a less busy work day, just for the fun and its a team building exercise in itself. In monsoon this place was full of seasonal waterfalls visible from our office window and just the sight of it filled my heart with joy.

There was a great deal of walk inside the campus for 5 differently designed food courts. so that one never runs out of food choices for lunch and evening snacks. There were courts for each of the sport and games, I have enjoyed a dip in the pool in summers several times while returning, or just playing table tennis, after lunch.

Everyday, I would drive my Safari or Bullet park it and then walk the road till my building, the way was always decorated with seasonal flowers,making it special and joyous. Its amazing how flowers and greens can cheer your mood, just by being there. The campus had all the facilities inside, be it bank, Beauty Salon, Super market, Gym, Pharmacy, Gift shop, cafes and restaurants, I never had to rush to plan my activities.I have enjoyed my tenure fully in this campus and still miss my daily tea trolls with friends.

3. Nationwide, Swindon, UK

TCS has been the company I worked for 9 years. I still have a sense of belonging for it. It has given me opportunities to travel outside of my country and while TCS deputed me to UK, I was able to travel several European countries, within easy access of UK. I was in Swindon, for 2 years, it's more like a town near London. I was able to live a very balanced life, 15 mins walk to work, with beautiful greenery changing colors with season. Best thing about UK, every season is marked with a clear color. Springs are pink, yellow and white. Autumns are red, orange, yellow and brown, Summers are lush green and winters are brown and white. I have been blessed to see the nature change its design, like we redo our house and it looks new and makes you happy.

Nationwide house after fresh snowfall

sunset view to home from back yard of Nationwide house

Nationwide house in Autumn

Nationwide headquarters is a work of art in itself, its situated in a secluded area, landscaped with ducks floating on lake, which is green in summers and is frozen in winters, surrounding hills and gardens, makes it a place you would love to go daily. I have truly enjoyed working there.

4. Pepper Financials - North Sydney

My current office situated on 27th Floor and there is a huge glass panel on both sides of the area to soak the views while working. Be it the sunset, low level clouds, heavy rain, or storm, I have witnessed all from this level. It gives you a feeling like God while you live in clouds and could look at the beauty of the earth below. Sunsets are truly awesome.

There are also some great places to explore from here like, Wendy Whitley's Secret Garden, Kirribilli Club for drinks, Mac Mahon's point etc, in just 10 mins of walk around. Another great location to come for work daily.

If you had such great work locations please feel free to share your photos and experience in comments.

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