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Celebrate Valentine's with your partner at these Unique and Romantic stays around Sydney :)

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Who knew that, humanity will be bitten by COVID-19 pandemic and we will be prisoners in our own home or our own state. While Australia has been phenomenal in dealing with the virus spread, we can't reject the consequences and side effects of it in our lives, wearing masks breathing barely in public transport, checking in every place, always keeping the count of people visiting us. Carefully planning parties with numbers in mind.

But we all know that necessity is the mother of invention, similarly "restriction is the mother of exploration". I have been tied at home all holidays, as my road-trip to Gold Coast, exploring some amazing places on the way, failed due to border closures just in time for Christmas Holiday.

I was so pissed that I got desperate to find something around which couldn't be cancelled.

Instead of going far and paying hefty tariffs for stays or planning the trip much in advance, I looked for Unique stays and was surprised to discover this amazing campsite in Scarborough which offers luxury glamping experience. My husband was against the idea to drive just 1.5 hours to Stanwell tops and stay there, well any reasonable person would. Why should one spend money for a night stay when your own home is just one hour away? But the situation we have in hand is not reasonable, while all us have enjoyed the work life balance working from home, we can't deny, we have been doing double duty of "working from home" and "working for home".

Starting from making the bed, logging in, collecting dishes from every room, gathering clothes to be washed dusting innumerous times, doing the laundry and worrying about what to cook for next meal.

Well we all need a break, I just wanted out, so after a lot of argument, I convinced him and I am so delighted I didn't give up. It was like a mini retreat with all the luxury you can imagine in a place that too with hills backdrop and ocean views in front.

Completely secluded, nice kitchen in the shade, beautiful swings with views overlooking the waves and watching sunrise in the morning without worrying about chores.

So people don't hesitate, just because its not worth it to spend on a holiday around your city, the important thing is quality time and a break to unwind without worrying, sometime we fail to notice what's happening in life of our near and dear ones even while sharing the same roof. Its natural to get immersed in life routines but its important to break the routine and pause as well. Therefore plan a weekend, book a spa or just spent a night in a hotel, the key is to enjoy the break without agenda.

Do watch the video for tour of the place

Here I am sharing some great Romantic Weekend Getaways you can plan without going much heavy on your pocket.

This was one amazing stay with ultimate luxury glamping, worth the dollars spent, came back , happy, cheerful and ready to indulge in mundane house routine once again, well until my next escapade.

Browse Slideshow for amazing photos

This trip reminded me, the power of short and sweet breaks and living in nature without Netflix or other technology just soaking views doing nothing, because doing nothing is important for making space to do next things. Here is a tour of the place

View of Sunrise from the glamp

~Things to do at Scarborough~

Not just the accommodation but location was breathtaking in itself -

1. Scarborough beach and Woombarra Rockpools

3 mins drive or you can just walk 1.2 kms to enjoy the dip in the beach or rockpools beside it.

2. A hike to the sea link bridge Lookout

The 665 metre long Sea Cliff Bridge is a highlight along the Grand Pacific Drive - A drive which takes in 140 kilometres worth of coastal scenery from the Royal National Park, Loftus down to Nowra. The bridge has become an icon to the people welcoming tourists annually to this picturesque coastal road.

Directions for the lookout -

The start of the track up to view sea cliff bridge starts on the south side of the bridge. Find parking on the Clifton side and walk towards the bridge. Heading north on the bridge on the left side of the road you will see a white sign with black writing with "Sea Cliff bridge" written in it. In front of this sign there is a small parking bay. The bushes by this parking bay is the start of the trail up to the top of sea cliff bridge. You should notice a slightly worn in track heading into the thick bushes.

Once you are on the track you will notice a warn in track that starts leading up hill to the lookout.. There are several warn in tracks on the way up but they all mostly meet back up. Simply refer - Pioneer Walks for details.

3. Explore the cafes

I love trying cafes around and there were few good cafes, one was Scarborough hotel offering great views of the pacific ocean and I loved the food in LOAF Kitchen.

2. Stanwell Tops - Just 12 mins drive

All of us are well aware of this amazing lookout and the views it offers over the Royal national park, if you are in to adventure, this is the place for paragliding

We have seen it so many times but still can't have enough of it.

Most of the time we forget to look for things around us which are beautiful and we underestimate the power of local. If you are looking for places here are some places I explored around NSW -

2. Paper bark Camps in Jervis Bay (this is hyperlink you can open directly to book)

Photo from official site

Well I looked through Airbnb and there were amazing accommodations on Lake Macquarie

Our host was amazing the self-contained studio flat was on the bank of Lake Macquarie, it had all amenities ideal for a couple or a family of 1 kid, the best part was watching the sunrise and sunsets, sitting at the porch or private Jetty.

Browse slideshow to see the complete stay

There were two Kayaks which we non swimmers enjoyed a lot around the shallow area of the shore.I Particularly loved watching the sunrise. Here is a time lapse of the same

Another great stay in greater blue mountains with experiences of horse riding, and quad biking while living in the country,

I have written in great length about it in my blog-Blue Mountains let's escape the city here.

Another amazing but affordable location in Pokolbin region of Hunter valley, where you can experience all awesomeness while the accommodation itself is in a Vineyard. The trip was in itself amazing full of luxury and unique experience you can read all about it here.

We went there in the most unwelcoming and terrible weather and we actually survived the holiday because of the accommodation which was in itself an open air museum and park of Sculpture, created by the owner from junk.

It was extended in acres and had all kinds of experience for adventurers, farm animals for kids, beautiful walk with sculpture, and amazing hosts, you can read all about it here .

Here is a video of the place

I hope you have some inspiration to plan for a great weekend with unique experience. I wish you all the best do share photos in comments. If you want to know more about such places follow me at @travel_o_some on Insta

Happy Travels :)

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