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Wattamolla, NSW - A must do day trip around Sydney, NSW, Australia

As travellers, we are always looking for new places to explore which are faraway, and we really don't give much attention to what is available to us within an easy reach.

Well this mindset has changed during pandemic times and we are looking out for local places more due to restrictions. I recently visited this underrated place around Sydney, we gathered there to celebrate birthday of a friend, and this place has surprised me with its raw untouched beauty and the variety of things available to explore.

Wattamolla is an amazing picturesque location just a short drive from Sydney, there is a range of activities that can be done and suitable for all age groups.

The activities that can be done here are -

1. Picnic with family or friends

This place is suitable for Picnics with families and friends .There is a nice picnic area for camping and hanging out around car park it has facilities for toilets and change.

2. Wattamolla Waterfall

There is a lookout for waterfall views, overlooking lagoon, greens, and beach. Please note there are many people jumping from the waterfall cliff to the lagoon, this is strictly prohibited and if a ranger is around you can be fined up to $300.

3. Wattamolla beach

A secluded beach accessible via stairs, the walk offers amazing scenic views on the way, please watch the video for views. While getting down you will notice beach on one side and lagoon on another side. The beach is suitable for swimming and surfing, however be careful there are no life guard services around, but there is an emergency number displayed around each landmark.

4. Lagoon

Adjacent to the sea there is a calm lagoon fed by both waterfall and sea. While many of us love the sea waves and enjoy the surf some are careful about it therefore non swimmers or beginners can enjoy kayaking and swimming in the shallow part of the lagoon with calm and clean water. There are beautiful woods and sandy beach to relax and play games.

Browse photos for more pictures

5. Royal Coast track

A 7kms royal coast track to royal national park with various lookouts for breathtaking views. There are lookouts which are guard by the fence and there are certain opening for cliffs and area which might tempt you for perfect Insta photo, please beware of the warning before risking your life for photos. To know more about this walk please refer to the link.

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Next time you plan a visit, remember to take appropriate clothing and gears to enjoy the site. Happy travels Follow me at

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