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About Me

I consider myself a scholar of Life always learning thru traveling. During my 15 years of independent life I have lived many lives at many places, all completely diverse and all a story in themselves but one thing has always remained common, my love for new places, new friends and new ways. I wanted to be a National geographic explorer, a news reported, an Author, an interior decorator, a builder, a musician, a dancer, an actor, a CEO of a great company, Politician, Leader, Director of films, Fashion designer, motivational speaker, a Rider, a Gypsy. I have wanted to be everything in one life, so I never stopped learning.

I Won't quit my Job

My travel blog is to help people like me, who are bounded in daily 9-5 job yet are passionate to roam the world.

I am not ashamed to say, I am reluctant to quit my job, though I love traveling, it's the way most of us Indians are brought up. Though the trend is changing for those born in 90's I am from 80's so have to fight a lot to keep up with my dreams.

I am amongst the safety seeking people who are bribed in salary to forget their dreams yet the dream to travel resides still in the core of their heart. I have been earning to travel and spending to travel all my life.

It's not simple, I have to compromise on my aspirations of owning a house or a luxurious vehicle, or free “to do nothing" time

My appeal on handling limitations

My dear travel passionate people you can still wander while you are stuck in your job.

Because it's all about managing your time and money wisely, lose something to get something you love.

 It's never late, it's never difficult give your dreams a chance.

And here I am to help you live your dream with your limitations as I m living mine.

Life lessons thru bad experiences

Mark it traveling is not as fancy and easy as they show in films, a person left everything and traveled, found various treasures, met new friends, got famous, No really living it can be exasperating and Risky. 

 I have lost a lot of friends and money during traveling.

I have been robbed, mugged with my SLR, lost my passport, visited detaining rooms, got interrogated as criminal, missed my flights, stayed in filthy dormitories, survived without food for many days, been with strangers.

But every such experience enhanced my confidence my zeal and my faith in humanity. Yes it happens even if you plan well you can't plan for a mishap in advance, but as it passes you grow better, wiser and stronger. It makes you fearless, independent and detached, you own less you care less. Travel is kind of life training crash course what you can't learn in years you can sometimes learn in a few days trip.

Few side effects are:

Wanderlust, fear of being bounded, intense curiosity syndrome, trying forbidden things compulsive disorder, comfort zone expansion, trusting strangers, broadened vision.

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