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5 Offbeat kid friendly day trips in and around Sydney

As a traveler or a resident in Sydney, one would know Sydney is a destination in itself, I have lived few years here but still I am amazed being an active traveler there is still so much to see and explore. I have mentioned several day trips around Sydney in my previous blog here are some places I recently explore and are worth a visit.

1. Cronulla

Well we all have seen a stop in the trains Cronulla, until recently it was just a train stop for me, but fortunately my friend planned a coastal walk around it during easter and I was surprised by the location, I completely underestimated it. The beach is very inviting and is spread out with several entrances, much cleaner with amazing water sports activities lined out by cafes and amenities for travellers, the only issue I had was finding a parking as it appeared whole Sydney was there during the weekend.

The highlight of this place were two amazing rock-pools which are being filled by ocean waves constantly and have crystal clear water. We enjoyed the dip and sports with our group of non swimmers fearlessly as there are boundaries around so it was like a waterpark with natural waves and with soft sandy bottom. The good part our clothes were not flooded with sand and within 2 mins walk there were cafes and snacks so one can take a dip, come out enjoy a snack, and back to swim, hassle free.

The second best thing is coastal walk around this covering several beaches covering following spots -

  1. North Cronulla Beach

  2. South Cronulla Beach

  3. The Esplanade

  4. Salmon Haul Reserve

  5. Hungry Point and Darook Park

  6. Gunnamatta Bay and Park

- More info about the track here

Activities to do -

  1. Relax on the beach

  2. surf

  3. Swim safely in the pools amongst the waves

  4. Enjoy a meal in the cafe

  5. Kids play area

  6. Walk the coast -

  7. Enjoy sunset

2. Windsor River beach

Who knew there is an amazing sandy river beach just 30 mins drive within Parramatta and North western Suburbs? This place is a great find for people with kids, who can't spent time in driving and traveling around. All you need to do is sit in the car carry your floaters and picnic mat and enjoy a dip in the Windsor river, ideal for semi skilled and non swimmers, great place for kids and families. Best part is you don't have to worry about carrying a snack or meal as there are plenty of cafes and shop around with variety of food, and ideal place for dating too.

The best thing to do however is the Hawkesbury paddle wheeler, board on this family owned paddle wheeler, enjoy breathtaking views of river, along with food and live music and entertainment, its a great activity around this area.

Activities to do -

  1. Swimming

  2. The Hawkesbury Paddle wheeler

  3. Picnic

  4. Food

  5. Ideal for family outings with kids

3. Nepean River

One of my favourite find and most go to place, we all know Penrith in the foothills of Blue mountain. Until now I just looked at it as an ordinary far suburb, but recently I explored Nepean river and Penrith. This place is awesome with an array of cafes and pubs around the river. Ideal spot for picnic, family hangouts and just 30-40 mins from north western suburbs and approachable by train too.

The best thing to do is Kayaking, we hired a Kayak from for $55 half day and you can simply pull the Kayak from the shop to the river landing area. We did this on Valentine's day with other 3 couple friend of ours and none of them were swimmers or had Kayaking experience as they were doing for the first time, you get life jackets and Kayaking is suitable and easy easy in a calm river like this.

Activities to do -

  1. Windsor beach (for GPS)

  2. Kayaking - Click for Kayak Hire

  3. Picnics

  4. Cafe hopping

  5. Nepean river walking track

  6. Ideal for family outings with kids

4. Lake Illawarra

I accidentally discovered this place, I mean of-course we all know Lake Illawarra there is also a train stop, but who would plan specially to visit there? One day we left for Stanwell tops and Nan-Tien temple, however the temple was full and there was a 2 hour queue so we returned and explored this lake on the way.

It has nice green area for picnic and the lake is clean, ideal spot for picnic and relaxing around the lake. Good point for sunset photos.

Wonderful body of water for sailing, kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding. Great network of bike paths surrounding the lake and wonderful grassed picnic areas near the beach for family with kids and adults best of beach, surf and inland waterways combined. Toilet facilities and parking available.

Activities to do -

  1. Picnic

  2. Kids play area

  3. Lake view walk

5. Nan-Tien Temple

Most of you might have seen this temple on your road-trip to Kiama, with its Monastery style architecture and amazing landscape this is ideal for half day visits, if you love peace and nature. Veg food is served in kitchen and once you enter there is lot to explore with various photo spots. I love this place, its ideal to visit with parents and kids while you roam in to the Buddhist temples and monastery or relax in the green acreage around it.

This is ideal for families who want to see something other than the beach.

Activities to do -

  1. Retreats Meditate with experts with their courses

  2. Visit during events and enjoy the colorful festivities

  3. Visit Buddha temple and Monastries

  4. Walk the green acreage

  5. Enjoywide range of tea and vegetarian food click for more info

  6. Sit and relax in any of several landscapes around this area

I hope this would help you plan your short family and kid friendly trips around sydney.

Happy Travels :). Follow me at Insta for wonderful locations and photos -

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