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What to do at Manly, NSW, Australia?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

When one visits Sydney, Manly is always in the itinerary, well its no doubt one of the most popular beaches in Sydney and is loved by surfers. However I am just going to list the activities you can do in Manly, NSW, Australia here:

1. Getting there - Take a Ferry to enjoy the Harbour and sea views

You can drive to Manly or take a bus. But I would recommend, park your car at circular quay or board a train to Circular Quay and take a Ferry to Manly, it's just AUD 7.5 - 8 you can use your opal card and board the Ferry from Wharf 3.

I have been multiple times to Manly and I mostly always take a ferry as it is such a joyous ride you can enjoy the Harbour views, if you are able to secure a seat at the front deck or stand there best views guaranteed.

2. Shop or take a break at a Cafe

Once you get down at Manly and start walking towards the beach, you will pass by the town shops and cafes, it has beautiful stuff for beachside shopping and amazing cafes with live music on to absorb all the positive vibes and forget your weekly stress.

3. Chill at the beach

Definitely why people visit Manly, it has a vast beach you can just relax sitting on the send with your coffee or take a dip in the sea for more adventurous kinds there are lot of activities to do, you can book a surfing lesson if it excites you at Manly surfing school.

4. Swim at Rockpools

Well mostly everywhere in Sydney you will find a seaside pool which is filled by sea water for swimming enthusiast since many times there is warning at beach because of high tides and so people prefer to keep it safe at pool and you can enjoy the sea views while swimming at the pools created just for this.

5. Sit at the Perfect Bench and Enjoy godly views

If you are not in a mood for dip and are here just for the views there is a bench situated at the perfect setting, all you need to do is walk up to the pools take stairs and once you spot that perfect bench to soak in 360 degree views like a VIP.

6. Walk to the Manly Wormhole

Well I visited Manly 5-7 times and until recently I didn't know about this amazing walk at the wormhole which can be explored from Queencliffs rockpool. So once you have found the bench from the stairs continue to the rocks until you see this Pink heart "QBC" as shown in the photograph. From here just after crossing this rock I am standing at there is an opening for wormhole, you can travel from here to another end and soak great views, its a perfect spot for pictures.

However not recommended if you are not with proper shoes and comfortable clothing, avoid hiking with small kids. Specially at sunset this spot is amazing.

7. Enjoy Local food

Manly has an array of local food counters at a reasonable price, I recommend going to "The Corner" in the corner of Queenscliff head, it has amazing burgers and if you are vegetarian just ask them to replace the chicken or beef patty with hashbrown.

8. Soak in the beach vibes with drinks and Music

There are many pubs on the beach side of Manly with amazing ambience if you have booked locally enjoy the evening with some music as most of the pubs entertain their customers with live music, this place is so happening during evenings.

9. Visit Manly Sea Life Sanctuary

This image is from smart travel app

You can find deals in Viator or group on for all Sydney attractions and mostly this aquarium is clubbed in that. If you are visiting with kids this one is must watch.

10. Accommodation

Manly has amazing accommodations from beach side to cliff views and best part is you can completely get immersed in the happening vibes of pubs and beach.

Happy travels :). Follow me on Insta @travel_o_some


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