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La-Perouse: Captain Cook's Landing Place

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

- Sydney, NSW, Australia


One of my Friend, Anshul, took me to this place on a very random day, after I had a stressful driving lesson session. I was very reluctant to go anywhere earlier, but later Karishma and Anshul convinced me. It turned out to be a great surprise and a site I have never seen before, and best part is just a short drive in Sydney.

I was amazed by the landscape and view it offered. The only disappointment was I didn't carry my DSLR, so all these pictures are from Mobile.

I totally adore this place and its the best spot in Sydney for nature lovers, better than any other popular and crowded beaches around. Till now I have visited it thrice and wont stop visiting again, just can't get enough of this place. A must visit in Sydney.

Location: La-Perouse is conveniently situated near airport, so travellers boarding the flight on their last day in Sydney, can easily plan to visit this spot otherwise, you will miss one great landscape and a totally awesome beach in Sydney. Its better than Bondi, Manly or Coogee in terms of scenery and landscape diversity.

How to reach:

By Public Transport: From central there are many buses to Central based on your travel time search google map here are the bus options-

B 391/393, L94, M30

From Central station walk 1 min to Central Station, Eddy Ave, Stand C

take 391 or 393 till Anzac Pde at Abbotford St

take L94 to La-Perouse.


La Perouse was named after the French navigator Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse (1741–88), who landed on the northern shore of Botany Bay west of Bare Island on 26 January 1788. Captain Arthur Phillip and the first fleet of convicts had arrived in Botany Bay a few days earlier. Louis XVI of France had commissioned Lapérouse to explore the Pacific. In April 1770 James Cook's expedition had sailed onto the east coast of Australia whilst exploring the south Pacific searching for Terra Australis or ‘Land of the South’. Upon King Louis XVI's orders, Lapérouse departed Brest, France, in command of the Astrolabe and Boussole on 1 August 1785 on a scientific voyage of the Pacific inspired by the voyages of Cook. La Perouse in Sydney's south is named after the leader of this French expedition.


Scuba Diving:The area around the La Perouse peninsula is considered to be one of the best scuba diving sites in NSW. Bare Island has a number of dive sites, some of which extend to over 19 metres in depth. The reef around the area is extensive. There are also a number of dives around the mainland at La Perouse.Scuba divers here can see the common (weedy) sea dragon, red Indianfish, pygmy pipefish and big belly sea horses as well as fish normally found on dive sites in the Sydney area (source Wikipedia).

Photography: A must visit for photographers. A lot of wedding photographer chose it as their outdoor destination as it provides amazing backgrounds with its stunning beach rocks, waves, and fort.

Watch out the gallery below for amazing photos of the location

Walking: You can simply enjoy a scenic ocean walk around the suburb.

Walking up to the bare-Island fort and behind, also there are several historic structure you can explore by walking the suburb.

Or just relax sitting on the sea side, enjoy the sunset on the rocks, the landscape and rocky structure is stunning, and its a blissful site for nature lovers.

Restaurants: There are many good pubs and Restaurants around La-Perouse. If you are a sea-food lover you can please your taste buds and try food around.

Some recommendations

  • Danny's Seafood

  • La Perouse Thai

  • Driftwood on the bay

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