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Easter Market@The Rocks

How to spend your Easter in Sydney

This Easter for the first time, I had no holiday plans. Since I had a great holiday in India and a break was required not physically but Financially. So while, I was mostly passing my time thru DIY projects at home. But my Flatmate proposed to go somewhere we decided to keep it simple and go to City. Sydney is very vibrant as I have always mentioned, its always celebrating and this time it was Easter so there was a reason.

The Rocks is my favorite place, the market is lively and is bustled with unique shops from various countries, its a truly international market in itself. One can easily enjoy a day exploring the market, tasting different cuisines and drinks. Here is our video, how we explored the place.

We spent our rest of the evening exploring amazing pubs at Rocks and walking around Oprah house. Concluded by singing in moonlight at the floating point where ferrys are loaded. Here are some moments from the fest.

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