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Bondi Beach

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

- Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Talk about Sydney and one won’t miss Bondi beach, its always in the list of travelers exploring Sydney. Not my favorite though, but the atmosphere here is happening somewhat, due to sculpture on stones, college crowd, sea gulls and a nice city beach vibe.

I recently went to Bondi as one of my friends who came on Holidays to Sydney insisted, so decided at the last moment around 3:00 in the evening of Sunday and we drove to Bondi which was around 40 Kms from my place.

I found it very similar to Coogee Beach, both have similar kind of beach line surrounded by urban and European style houses and the beach area is very commercialized.

However, I did like the Graffiti done on the walls, and the reflection of buildings over the accumulated water on Sand and the Sunset.

We tried exploring some pubs around as most of the restaurants close at 08:00 PM. The Pub was full of college chicks and boys flirting around, it was interesting to watch these young fellows discovering life in pubs.

All in all it was good vibes for someone looking to find the true amalgamation of Urban and Nature.


Bondi Beach is located 7 km (4 mi) east of the Sydney central business district

How to Reach:

  • Take T4 Line from Central to Bondi junction station

  • walk to Bondi Junction Station, Stand A

  • take bus 333 and ride 10 stops to

  • Campbell Pde opp North Bondi Beach

Things to do:

1. Surfing

2. Seagulls watching

3. Sunset photography

4. Pubs and food

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