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Blue Mountains - Let's escape the city

# 10 Things you can do at Blue Mountains.

Blue mountains, is one of the most popular destinations around Sydney and attracts a huge number of tourists, first because of its amazing landscape laden by natural beauty and second, because of how easily it can be reached from Sydney, unlike Snowy mountains which are the highest but a fairly large distance from Sydney.

Blue mountains are a great escape for the day trips as well as weekend. It offers activities and places to interest both adults and children. Whether you are a group of bachelors traveling together, or a Family or a solo traveler this place has something to offer you.

About Blue mountains:

The Blue Mountains is a rugged region west of Sydney in Australia’s New South Wales. Known for dramatic scenery, it encompasses steep cliffs, eucalyptus forests, waterfalls and villages dotted with guesthouses, galleries and gardens. Katoomba, a major town in the area, borders Blue Mountains National Park and its bushwalking trails. Echo Point affords views of the storied Three Sisters sandstone rock formation. Elevation: 1,189 m

(extract from Wikipedia)

Places to Visit & Things to Do

There are several places you can visit and do in Blue Mountains.

#1. Scenic World - On my first trip I bought a day pass for Scenic world and enjoyed all the activities multiple times. Scenic World Blue Mountains is a private, family owned tourist attraction located in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. Normally the pass value is $89 for a day but sometimes good deals can be found online or via groupon.

Here is what Scenic world offers:

  • Scenic Railway - World steepest railway, earlier it was used by coal mine workers and it has been opened to public later in 1945. Discover the thrill of a 52 degree incline (128% incline) riding the steepest passenger railway in the world, the Scenic Railway.

  • Scenic Cable way - The 545 metre journey gently descends into the Jamison Valley and also returns visitors to the top of the escarpment. The Cableway’s fully enclosed cabin is a unique vantage point for viewing the Three Sisters, Orphan Rock, Mt Solitary and Katoomba Falls.

  • Scenic Skyway - The Skyway provides a unique thrill as breathtaking views are revealed beneath your feet through the electro-glass cabin floor. For the less adventurous, seating and solid flooring is also available!

  • Scenic Walkway - Brilliant in sunshine and even better in the rain, this elevated boardwalk immerses visitors in Jurassic rainforest on the Jamison Valley floor with minimal impact on the environment. Along the way, explore elements of the site’s coal mining history including the mine entrance, a replica miners’ hut and scale bronze sculpture of a miner and his pit pony.

Please browse thru the gallery above for the great shots of sceneries.

For scenic world tickets link is here:

I did a walk from Scenic world to Echo point which was around 5 km one way including 1000 steps of staircase a good work out for fitness freaks and a great walk for nature enthusiasts to feast their eyes.

Please note : all the rides are very short in duration, sometimes ppl get disappointed as they expect a longer ride however, with a day pass you can ride multiple times and multiply the fun.

If you are not interested in buying a day pass to Scenic world you can also choose one of the rides and enjoy the rest of the places which are free as listed below.

2. Echo Point Lookout and Honeymoon Bridge - certainly the most populated area with tourist as the location offers beautiful view to the three sisters and other mountain ranges. There is a small walk and then you will have to clib down steep stairs, to the Honeymoon bridge which makes this worthwhile as the bridge hangs in the air over two cliffs and has amazing landscape views and also a sense of thrill.

3. Prince Henry Cliff walk - can also be explored via Echo point 7km one-way, passing several unique hanging swamps, take a look at the variety of sedge, rushes and grasses. In summer, you may see the beautiful yellow and gold flowers of Christmas bells. With over 20 lookouts offering magnificent views of Jamison Valley and three waterfalls, this track is a visual delight at any time of year.

4. Leura Cascades - Recreation area featuring a network of walking tracks to several small waterfalls & cliff views.Good for family picnic camping etc.Be ready to walk to explore various small waterfalls around it, Leura Cascades Circuit is a 800m, grade 3.

5. Evans Lookout - Another lookout at the mountains which offers serene views of the mountain and has ample parking to reach and enjoy the place.

View of Blue Mountains from Evans Lookout

6. Katoomba Falls and Wentworth Falls - In the rainy season they offer the best views in summers there is sparsely any water. You can enjoy the walk and getting drained in the falls if you have time otherwise, you will also get a view of Katoomba falls and wentworth falls from Skywalk.

7. Jenolan Caves - The Jenolan Caves are limestone caves located within the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve in the Central Tablelands region, west of the Blue Mountains, in New South Wales. Explore 9 spectacular caves, with pure underground rivers and astonishing limestone formations. Be amazed on guided tours, multi-lingual self-guided tour, children's tours and night tours, including the popular 'Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts' tour. Try Adventure Caving. There are bushwalks and underground activities to suit all fitness levels.

You will have to book online and arrange your travel as per the timings and schedules for the caves guided walk, mostly the booking should be done in advance so that you can secure places.

8. Visit the Glow warm Tunnel at Wollemi National Park - Once abandoned and now a natural wonder, Glow Worm Tunnel is home to millions of little critters that simulate the night sky.The Glow Worms are located in an old rail tunnel 400 metres in length.

You can refer to below sites to plan your walks

9. The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden - originally known as the Mount Tomah Botanical Garden, is a 28-hectare public botanic garden located approximately 100 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district at Mount Tomah in the Blue Mountains .

10. Trail rides and farm stays - Around one hour from Blue mountains there are several Farm and country trails provided by different businesses. I have been to High country trail rides, the overall experience was really good and refreshing, I had a trail ride on horses in morning and explored forests and some fields, there are quad biking adventures also available. I stayed for two nights in the country cottage and it was very clean and spacious offering rural vintage living with all facilities.

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