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#10 Road trips across NSW, Australia & some MUST DO trips in OZ land

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Well I have completed 3 years in Australia finally, with Sydney as my base. I can confidently share my personally acquired extensive travel experience around this country.

Here I am sharing some of the best places and things to do, to plan your holiday in NSW Australia. You can easily tailor your plan according to:

  1. The locations,

  2. Category of Holiday (Family, adventure, food)

  3. Personal preference to fit within your holiday duration and budget.

#10 places in New South Wales, you should consider for your Holiday

Since I am settled in Sydney I have majorly explore all the areas around New South Wales and so I am recommending my list of places which I wont hesitate visiting multiple times.

Each of the photo icon below is a gallery so do browse right on each photo icon for amazing pictures

#1 Sydney

Getting there: Sydney has an amazing network of trains and recently metro are also added to the mode of transport along with several local buses, and trams that run across the city. You can buy an OPAL card and travel in any mode of commute by Sydney transports.

Did you know there are 100 beaches within Sydney, so imagine how many days you can actually spent exploring some beaches daily? This city is fascinating

Recommendation: Min Duration - 2N/3D, suggested 3N/4D

-------------------Browse gallery above for more beautiful pictures of the city---------------------

When one thinks about Australia, Sydney with its Oprah house and Harbor bridge comes first in mind. Definitely its the most Vibrant city of Australia and one of the most visited city too. Once you plan to visit Sydney, please keep few days in hand to enjoy the most of Sydney and around. I have already a shared an article about how to explore this city like a local to plan your Sydney trip CLICK HERE

#2 Kiama, NSW

Getting there: - Its 120 kms, 2 hrs drive from Sydney. Also accessible by Sydney trains.

Recommendation: Day trip, or plan along with Jervis bay, NSW.

-------------------Browse gallery above for more beautiful pictures of the place---------------------

This is one of my favorite go to place in NSW, it offers so much and the best part is just a short drive away from Sydney, you can make a stop at Stanwell Tops, and visit Helensburgh temple for the spectacular architecture and delicious food is served in the canteen. You can also explore Nan-tein temple for detailed itinerary, refer to Jervis bay trip, below.

This place has hills, cliffs, seashore, natural swimming pool, rocks and best of all, its famous for Kiama Blow hole.

#3 Jervis Bay

Getting there: around 190 km from Sydney a 3-4 hours drive with amazing stops, you can also cover Kiama on the way to Jervis bay.

Recommendation: Weekend Getaway, ideal for family, beach lovers and bag packers.

Jervis Bay, not only has 2 of the world's whitest beaches, but also amazing flora and fauna, if you are hoping to see Kangaroos in their natural habitat and get close to them this is the place. It has amazing sites and lookouts and plenty of adventurous activities to enjoy. I personally recommend Whale Watching or Dolphin watching cruises its a delight for the visitors cruising deep in to the sea, chasing dolphins and see them enjoy in their natural habitat. The beaches must see in the order are, Hyams Beach, Murray's beach, Caves beach, Culburra Beach and there will be certainly more places you can cover, to plan a detailed trip CLICK HERE.

#4 Port Stephens & Nelson Bay

Getting there: Around 180 km and 2 hours drive from Sydney.

Recommendation: Plan for a weekend and book a Dolphin watching cruise.

------------------Browse gallery above for more beautiful pictures of the place---------------------

Port stephens is one of the places in amazing Central coast area of New South Wales, It has famous surfing beaches, and an amazing coastline stretching across Tasman Sea. It is also one of the most popular destinations and weekend getaway to explore around Sydney. On the way you can make a stop at Entrance, NSW to view Pelicans in their natural habitat (explore the gallery above for pictures). To know more around how to plan this trip CLICK HERE

#5 Snowy Mountains

Getting there: Approx 624.7 km and a long drive of 7 hrs 19 mins from Sydey.

Recommendation: Plan for at least 3-4 days to include to and fro travel time, take a stop at Canberra. Buy Passes for the snow resorts in advance if you want to completely enjoy the snow, skiing lessons are also available. Do keep a pair of winter gloves and boots to be able to enjoy in snow otherwise you can hire in a local store.

------------------Browse gallery above for more beautiful pictures of the place------------------------

Well I am more of a mountain person than a beach fella, so anytime or everytime, mountains win me over, Snowy is truly special because its worth the visit in every season one of the most visited destinations during winters for Skii sports and for the lovers of snow games. Every time I have been there I am greeted by snowfall. During my first visit i got so excited I made a movie... anyway what is recommended is always book it in advance as it gets quite populated and expensive. If you are driving from Sydney I would advise a break at Canberra which is around 3.5 hours and then continue next morning to Snowy around 3 hour journey that way you will save energy and won't get bored due to long journey. It is recommended to get tyre chains as snow can get slippery for the car, however if you have a 4WD its fine.

#6 Hunter Valley

Getting there: Around 245 km and a 3 hrs drive from Sydney.

Recommendation: Weekend Getaway, suggested 2N/3D

------------------Browse gallery above for more beautiful pictures of the place---------------------

Well earlier this place was not in my list but after my recent visits I am happily proved wrong there is much more to this place then just Wines. I would positively say if you are into Luxury and Leisure this is the place for you, also its a very popular for Destination wedding so you can get yourself a shoot in any of the wineries, or explore the place in a comfortable Carriage ride without the hassle of driving while wine tasting.

#7 Blue Mountains

Getting there: 66.3 km, 1 hour drive. Also accessible via Sydney Trains and daily tours are available with various operators.

Recommendation: Day trip, if you don't have much time but still want to enjoy the country feel, this is the place for you, do buy passes for scenic world this way you will be able to explore the max.

Well I have been to this place so many times, I have actually stopped counting now. Its a very easy drive and you can chose the place or spot or may be just plan a quick hike to enjoy the views, there are many things you can do in Blue mountains and specially Scenic world offers an amazing range of view points and activities which families can enjoy. There are many bus tours from Sydney taking you to Blue mountains if you don't wish to drive, to know more about planning a visit to Blue Mountains CLICK HERE

#8 Port Macquarie

Getting there: 386 Km and 4-5 hour drive from Sydney

Recommendation: Plan for a long weekend or if you are road tripping to Gold Coast you can add it as day stop in the way.

Port Macquarie is a town at the mouth of the Hastings River in New South Wales, Australia. It’s known for its beaches, wildlife and penal colony past. . A coastal walk from the town centre to the 19th-century Tacking Point Lighthouse offers views over waters home to whales and dolphins. Billabong Zoo is known for its koala breeding centre, to know more about the place CLICK HERE

#9 Palm Beach

Getting there: 46 Km, 1 hour drive from Sydney. Buses also available by Sydney Transport.

Recommendation: Day trip, dress for a hike keep a change of clothes.

If you enjoy a walk or short hike along the coastal views, this is the most approachable place for a bush walk and hike to Barrenjoy Lighthouse and get a dip in the sea later, there is a spectacular site of two beaches divided by a landscape. Amazing for surfing and you can also enjoy a visit to The Boathouse which is famous restaurant on the beach and golf course around the area.

#10 Royal National Park and Bouddi National Park

Distance: 96.9 km, 1 hour 30 mins

Recommendation: Day trip, or weekend, there are amazing stays around this place.