Chasing my dream to live many lives in a single lifetime..

A lively female gypsy, defines me perfectly. I consider myself a scholar of life always learning thru traveling. For me travel is just not about experiencing new things and meeting new people, its about creating my own story of life.

So that I can truly say I lived many lives in a single lifetime.

About Me

I consider myself a scholar of Life always learning thru traveling. During my 15 years of independent life I have lived many lives at many places, all completely diverse and all a story in themselves but one thing has always remained common, my love for new places, new friends and new ways.. I wanted to be a National geographic explorer, a news reported, an Author, an interior decorator, a builder, a musician, a dancer, an actor, a CEO of a great company, Politician, Leader, Director of films, Fashion designer, motivational speaker, a Rider, a Gypsy. I have wanted to be everything in one life, so I never stopped learning Read More

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